6th Central Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

12 january 2017, 02:06

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printable Belyakin Sergey Anatolievich Head 6 of the Central military clinical hospital full member of RANS, Honored doctor of the Russian Federation, candidate of medical science Modern approaches to medical rehabilitation Recently, the rehabilitation of which the world health organization who defines as a complex of measures of medical physical psychological social vocational and a pedagogical nature aimed at possibly attainable for this individual restore health physical psychological and social status lost as a result of illness or injury and becomes an independent area of health care, along with therapeutic, diagnostic and preventive. The implementation of rehabilitation measures should begin as early as possible in fact, the recovery treatment must be carried out starting from the moment of occurrence of illness or injury and until the complete return of man in society using all available organizational forms of rehabilitation. For each individual patient a comprehensive program of rehabilitative treatment which is a list of rehabilitation measures aimed at restoring the ability of the patient to everyday professional and social activities in accordance with its needs of the range of interests taking into account the projected level of his physical and mental state of endurance, etc. The formation of individual rehabilitation programs begins with the definition of indications for rehabilitation assessment of the present condition of the patient during the questioning, examination and clinical diagnostic psychological and social study. We then define the goals and objectives of rehabilitation the plan of rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation is formed the forecast probably-STI the implementation of rehabilitation potential as a result of the treatment. During the implementation of the rehabilitation program is ongoing to check its effectiveness and, if necessary, the correction is carried out. Usually in the process of rehabilitation complex issues of medical treatment and preventive plan problem definition the patient's working capacity examination of its employment of labor training and retraining of the social security labor and pension legislation of the relationship of the patient and his family social life. Part of the rehabilitation program usually includes Upon completion of the program a conclusion of the rehabilitation Commission which assessed the achievement of the planned objectives rehabilitation is defined by medico-social prognosis and

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