+7 (495) 199-03-03 International Social Civil hospital.

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+7 495 199-03-03 International Social Civil hospital. The 70th anniversary of the Victory RED STAR Association of medical clinics Peergroup together with the government of Moscow and Moscow region Feel bad Call us now to make an appointment and get advice from a highly qualified specialist. Disabled orphans not rezedentom of the Russian Federation and other non-protected social groups of the population the care is free. ABOUT US Examination treatment examination registration of certificates and of medkniga quickly without Queuing at a convenient time. Association clinic provides services to residents of Moscow and cities of Moscow region. At the hospital Red Star accepted specialists in various areas of cardiology neurology ophthalmology otolaryngology gynecology, Pediatrics, etc. There is a service at home. Within its framework not only performed the examination, the patient but also takes the samples of materials for laboratory investigation. To call a specialist to take tests in the office SERVICES Emergency medical care Family medicine and internal medicine Treatment of infectious diseases Dentist services ENT ear nose throat Department of pain treatment Pharmacy Rehabilitation services The services of a cardiologist Women's consultation Radiotherapy and

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