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12 january 2017, 02:05

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We do not promise instant healing and don't say it would be easy. We want you to soberly assess the situation and trust improvisor Joe Lee Joo head.Department of TCM. Today in China the boom of improvement for foreigners. Centers of traditional Chinese medicine TCM opened one after another. Ten years ago when we first took on the treatment of Russian patients for the whole of China was only 5 such centres. Now they have dozens. We are pleased that TKM wakes up the interest. And claim that miraculous healing through Chinese medicine is not a myth. But the disappointment after the treatment in China today is also not uncommon. The Paradox There. Actually now in China, very few real experts of TCM. It happened due to the arrival of European culture and medicine in the 20th century. So most of the centers of TCM is simply massage rooms in hospitals. You confidently make a diagnosis but... the European methods. Prescribe acupuncture and massage but not the fact that you will be treated the Master. So the root cause of your health problems probably will remain unaffected and the disease will return. Trust the facts and not the promises of phone managers. Facts are data which, if desired, can be checked. For example here are some facts about our seaside Military Hospital No. 214 which fundamentally distinguish us from other centers and hospitals. Seaside Military Hospital No. 214 is a network of State of the military hospitals of Shenyang military district. The main controlling body of the Military health Department of the people's Liberation Army of China which is twice a year checks of our work. Read more about the safety of your treatment read here Compared with other medical centers of China, even state our Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine the oldest. It works since the opening of the Hospital in 1949. During this time, based on the ancient techniques of TCM created unique designs which have no analogues anywhere else. For example, unique methods of our military doctors known by the name of Igloo Pokrov Floating needle allow 2-3 times to accelerate the recovery even running disease. Only in our Hospital are used in almost all known today in China, traditional Chinese medicine. Read more about the history of our Hospital read here Unlike most of the centres of TCM in China and the CIS in our Hospital there are no guest temporary professionals. All doctors work on a permanent basis already for 10-20 years or more. Our experts possess knowledge not only in TCM but in the theory of Western medicine, they can easily read your images and evaluate the results.

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