Branch № 6 FGU "the Main military clinical Burdenko hospital of the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation"(ex. 12 LDC)

12 january 2017, 02:05

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A military hospital was set up was based in Lefortovo 25 may 1706 by the Decree of Peter I for the treatment of the lower ranks and education of physicians and became the first Russian state therapeutic institution. In the Burdenko hospital in Moscow came the first Russian medical school for training doctors and first anatomic center. The founder of the Burdenko hospital in Moscow was a Dutch physician Nicholas Bidloo who was the personal physician of Peter I. the Main building of the hospital which survived until our days was built in 17981802 by the architect I. V. Kremlin. The main facade of the building is decorated with avant-corps in which is mounted a Corinthian portico with paired columns. In 1825 under the project of architect I. V. Golitsyn old building was incorporated with the side wings into a single housing which stretches along the Hospital street. In total, over three hundred years the hospital has treated nearly 4 million people. At various times within its walls worked such famous Russian physicians like Copernicus Pies and others. Currently, the Burdenko hospital in Moscow is one of Russia's largest. Every year the hospital treated about 22 thousand people, there are over 9 thousand operations. There are more than 3,500 employees including over 70 doctors of medical Sciences 44 Professor more than 170 candidates of medical Sciences. You will receive a supplementary health insurance at the best price. We specializiruetsya just for the LCA. Make your voluntary health insurance policy for 1 day. You will find the best offer. Will deliver to VHI at a convenient time for you. 109390 Russia Moscow street Young Lenincev 25 office

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