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Clinic of andrology was founded in 1999. The clinic is the winner of the Best parades in Moscow and Best in the suburbs and were awarded diplomas. Over the years, our doctors have helped tens of thousands of men and women to acquire their health and return to normal life. Our doctors work daily, without days off and holidays. Make an appointment preferably in advance to avoid waiting in line. In our medical center You will be provided the helpful reception from the doctors who use classical principles of examination and treatment of patients as well as his original patented techniques. You will be provided with professional advice and if necessary painted an individual treatment plan. Department of urology, Andrology Clinic provide a comprehensive range of tests, ultrasound diagnostics and treatment of urological diseases. In the Clinic of Andrology has 6 urologists and andrologists 3 dermatologist sexologist therapist. Urologist urologists of the highest category with great experience. Many urologists have advanced degrees - candidates and doctors of medical Sciences.The Department is equipped with the most modern equipment. Guaranteed high quality of treatment and total anonymity. Urology area of clinical medicine dealing with disorders of the urinary system of men and women and the reproductive system

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