Doctor Who

12 january 2017, 01:59

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Scientific fantasticcontraption Sydney Newman S. E. Webber Donald Wilson Bi-bi-si Different actors in the role of Dr. currently, Peter Kapaligiran actors in the role of satellites Various currently Murray gold UK United Kingdom English 35 seasons + 1 feature film 826 episodes list of episodes Various currently Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin One multi-shot 25 minutes 19631984 19861989 45 minutes 1985 2005 5076 minutes. Removed BBC One from 1963 BBC One HD 2010 BBC HD 20092010 405-line black-and-white 19631967 576i black-and-white 19681969 576i color 19701989525-line NTSC 1996 576i 169 200520081080i 2009 Monophony 19631987Стереофония 1983 19881989 1996 20052008Объемный 5.1 sound from 2009 November 23, 1963-present K-9 and companyticker⇨adventures of Sarah Jane⇨K-9Доктор Who Konfidentsialnosti Who Advanced Doctor Who eng. Doctor Who IPA ˈdɒk.təɹ huː культовый1234567891011британский science fiction television series the company's bi-Bi-si about the alien time traveler known as Доктор1. Together with his companions, he travels through time and space to save entire civilizations or individuals and for their own pleasure. Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction series in the world is an important part of mass culture Великобритании12 and many other стран1314 elements of the series known and recognizable not only by its фанатами1 which is in many countries мира15 they are called whovians derived from the original name of the TV series Doctor Who7. He received the acclaim of audiences and critics for the imagery of stories, creative low-budget special effects, groundbreaking use of electronic music created by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop etc. which are marked with numerous awards⇨. Several generations of British television writers was his longtime audience. The programme originally ran from 1963 to 1989. In the 1996 TV film Doctor Who, which was to become a pilot series of the show-continue but bad ratings tape in America foiled the plan. The series was successfully relaunched in 2005, the numbering of the seasons started from the beginning. In addition there are four series branches Торчвуд16 adventure Sarah Джейн16 K-9 and company pilot and Australian K-91. The series was introduced in the Guinness Book of records as the longest-running and successful sci-Fi сериал17. At the moment, the role of the Doctor performed by 14 actors. Dec 25, 2013 released the latest episode involving Matt Smith in the role of the Eleventh Doctor he was replaced by Scottish actor Peter Capaldi. Doctor Who first appeared on TV channel bi-Bi-si on 23 November 1963⇨. Initially, the series was aimed at a family

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