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Country USA Year 2004 Seasons 8 Series 179 Жанрызgt detective drama Prod. series 42 min. Actors Bobbin Bergstorm Jennifer Morrison Jesse Spencer Kal Penn, Lisa Edelstein Olivia Wilde Omar Epps Peter Jacobson Robert Sean Leonard Hugh Laurie TV series Dr. house began filming in 2004, Director Greg Eitans. When producer Harriet van Der Meer conceived of this kind of medical detective story that no one could have predicted that it will take 7 long seasons and the glory of the actor who played house's Hugh Laurie will step over the line. This series is not about patients it shows the work of doctors rather a brainstorming session on the disease organised by an outstanding diagnostician, but a very unpleasant man Dr. house. You may hear many medical terms that will last for a dozen patients, but we can laugh and sympathize with the young doctors who are in the creative plan literally pray for house and household sometimes want to kill him. The series has some stiffness but Vedi is a fact of life there is only black and white. The plot of the series Dr. house's team of diagnosticians clinic is headed by Dr. Gregory house is an outstanding diagnostician, but quite nasty in communicating with others and sometimes with colleagues. He is in constant war with their pain in the affected leg so Gregory takes drugs and avoids talking about personal stuff. His love and hate but due to its wonderful flair house finds clues where other doctors give up... March 20, 2011 at 1026 24 March 2011 2245 June 22, 2011 at 2232 July 11, 2011 in 1522 Confirmation code Liked the series © 2011-2017 vepizode.net Watch the series online on our website. log in using Sign in with Vkontakte Login using Facebook If you have forgotten your password but registration was filled in the field e-mail you can reset your password to the email on your profile email address. Registration on the website vepizode.net will allow You to enjoy many free facilities and features of our website such as bookmarks series favorites live chat on the website, etc. by signing up You will be able to disable

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