Infertility treatment at Nova Clinic

12 january 2017, 01:59

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We effectively treat infertility, even in complex cases, including in women of advanced reproductive age. Only until 31 January View our video Nova Clinics, a network of centres of assisted reproduction and genetics in Moscow. Our main goal is effective treatment of infertility especially in difficult groups of patients with different co-factors and idiopathic forms including women of advanced reproductive age. For many years, we always manage to achieve high efficiency in the pregnancy occurs, combined with minimising potential complications. The basis of our results lie The main task implemented in the centers of reproduction Nova Clinics is an Association of professionals of the highest level of knowledge, skills and experience to ensure quality medical assistance to overcome infertility. Our principle is the provision of paid medical services without a commercial approach to treatment. All methods of the survey assigned by our doctors necessarily clinically proved and regulated by the Ministry of health. Research can be carried out in our IVF clinics and domiciliary as well as other medical institutions. Our goal coincides with Your every day in our clinic, we together with our patients coming happy pregnancies and babies Gynecologist-reproductologist, PhD Gynecologist-reproductologist Gynecologist-reproductologist, PhD Chief obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category doctor Gynecologist-reproductologist, PhD Gynecologist-reproductologist, PhD Gynecologist-reproductologist, PhD Good day Denis V. I had 3 rounds of IVF for 3 years with their cells even without implantation. My doctor suggested IVF with donor eggs did 2 creameries on HRT one in may after the hysteroscopy-XP. endometritis and ultrasound there are minor foci of adenomyosis. Have treated endometritis adenomyosis I was told, leomiti. Other transfer of cryopreserved embryos in December, true to the endometrium ... Good afternoon. My name is Marina. I am 30 years old my husband 31. Married 8 years. In 2015 was lapore about endometriotic cyst left ovary endometriosis. Cut 3 month visanne on the abolition of the independent pregnancy did not come. Then had 3 IVF Protocol 1 span 2-there was no cells 3 - pregnancy but at 7 weeks still. Is it possible to get pregnancy Good day please advise me what to do in my situazione 25 years to not get pregnant 5 lampole

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