Medical clinic "KDS KLINIK" is a modern medical centre in the northeastern administrative area of Moscow

12 january 2017, 01:59

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In our medical center upon presentation of pension card you get a 5% discount on all services Welcome to the official website of the medical center PDR CLINICS, We have our own hospital for day stay of patients after surgery. Also arranged beds for a day stay before and after outpatient surgery. In our private medical clinic conducted all currently known diagnostic procedures. The laboratory has the necessary equipment and sufficient set of reagents allow for the latest research from clinical to genetic tests. For individuals in need of preventive medical examination in honey. the clinic, organized the reception of all professionals. After the examination are issued certificates for employment and admission to universities executed a sanatorium card and the hospital including prenatal maternity leave. If necessary, you can call a doctor from a private medical clinic. The doctor provides the necessary medical care and if necessary, prepares the sick list. Our med. the clinic receives not only the inhabitants of Moscow and guests of the capital. We are working daily without weekends and holidays. The medical centre is located in the northeastern administrative area of Moscow in close proximity to the metro station Bibirevo Altufevo Medvedkovo. Our multidisciplinary medical center provides medical care at the level of the hospital. All of our technicians are certified and certificates of specialization including abroad. At the medical clinic to get help for the following pathologies Also, the medical center organized skilled advice. There are women's consultation for prenatal care in compliance with all of the necessary studies. Obstetric service has methods of auxiliary reproductive technologies. In the age of high speeds, people don't have enough time even for their own health. In our medical clinic fully resolved the problem of time. The results of the analyses and conclusions of any surveys made in the shortest possible time. Detailed information about the services the medical center placed in the appropriate sections of the website. Baghdasaryan Lion Karapetovich Surgeon - coloproctologist of the highest category doctor. Work experience is 33 years old Baghdasaryan Samvel L. Surgeon - coloproctologist, candidate of medical science member of the Association of Coloproctology Russia. The admission cost 1 500 RUB. Abdulzhalilov Magomed Magomedovich Surgeon Work experience 3 years The admission cost of 1 200 rubles. Krapchatov Mikhail Endoscopist Work experience 27

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