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12 january 2017, 01:59

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Veterinary clinics network Your doctor is a network hour veterinary clinics 13 branches which are located in Moscow and Moscow region. Your doctor is a highly professional dental services at any time of the day. At the moment we serve more than 120,000 patients and our reputation and the trust of pet owners confirming the steady increase in the number of clients of our clinics. As for the selection of adequate treatment requires full information about each of our patients about the current state of his health, of particular importance is the presence of the laboratory and application of accurate diagnostic tools. Every vet animal hospital Your network Doctor provides all that is necessary for the implementation of modern diagnosis proper treatment and competent care for our patients. Operates the hospital in which the professional veterinary doctors carried out the treatment and postoperative rehabilitation of animals. The main advantages of network - clinics in Your Doctor In all branches of our network, working professional veterinarians with many years of experience in the specialization. Among 75 professionals working in our clinics and ten are candidates of Sciences, six regular speakers at the international conference of veterinarians. Twenty of our doctors are specialists in two or more areas. Laboratory studies are carried out in our own laboratory providing results of tests and diagnostic procedures in one day. The services of our clinics includes the ability to call a veterinary surgeon on the house. If the owner of the animal no time to visit clinic or psychological condition of the patient makes a visit to her unwanted if the veterinary clinic scares the animal specialist will quickly arrive at the house. In cases requiring immediate veterinary care it saves precious time and to provide assistance as soon as possible. Veterinary pharmacy allows you to purchase all the necessary medicines for the treatment of the animal as well as specialized dietary and healing food. The quality sold in the drugstore of medicines and feed is guaranteed. Hour veterinary clinic our services Support the treatment of chronic diseases and assistance in urgent emergency situations require a careful approach to the selection of specialists engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet. Each hour veterinary clinic. Your Doctor offers a variety of services. Among them Special attention each of our animal hospital is focusing on the prevention

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