Real life stories by Stephen king that built the ideas of various of his works,

12 january 2017, 02:05

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Real life stories of Stephen king through which arose the idea of various of his works are in the Idea. The 13-part TV movie based on the story and the idea of a European television series 1984. Riget the Kingdom directed by directed by Lars Von Trier and Morten Arnfred. The plot the story of a modern hospital equipped with the latest technology which nevertheless occur rather mysterious and mystical events. Built on the site burned down many decades ago a factory for the manufacture of clothing for the front of the hospital is literally Packed with ghosts and otherworldly forces. Despite the seriousness of the plot, the script is not devoid of black humorama since the vast majority of characters, and doctors and patients of the hospital people are very strange and original to put it mildly is not quite adequate. Similar status obviously contributes to their fruitful interaction with the spirits. The king describes the series as a cross between an Ambulance and a Glow that is quite true. It was written in pieces-series Stephen king or Richard Dolina and it turned out that despite the overall fabric of the series written by Delinom much more like a black Comedy series written by king on a very serious movie with a psychological bias. The ending is frankly written in the worst traditions of Stephen king i.e. the solution to the most difficult challenges is some of the stupidest trivial and mildly puzzling. The casting of the TV series good especially colorful it turned out Dr. hook Stegman and Jesse James. Also save the overall impression communicating the characters -the libertine-the lawyer of the unemployed waiting for the appearance of Stegman in the Parking lot as a rare show seismologist-an alcoholic baseball player-loser and angry guy Paul. The soundtrack especially the main theme - Ivy Worry About You and the video is also quite decent although some moments can annoy her naivete that actually typical of many TV series. Director Craig Baxley Craig R. Baxley The script by series Characters - Lars Von Trier Lars von Trier Composer Gary Chang Gary Chang Operator - David Connell David Connell Executive producers Stephen king, Stephen King and Lars Von Trier Lars von Trier Producers - Richard Doolin Richard Dooling and Robert F. Phillips Robert F. Phillips Starring Andrew McCarthy Dr. Hook Bruce Davison Dr. Stegman Jack Coleman: Peter Rickman Suki Kaiser Natalie Rickman Starring Kett Turton, Antibusiness also voiced the giant anteater Miguén Fay Dr. Brenda, Abelson sherry Miller Dr. Lona, Masingel Allison Hossack Dr. Christine Draper, Diane Ladd Mrs. Sally Drews Affairs Pentecost Bobby Drews ed Begley Jr.

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