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Pain is your subjective feeling which is concern for others. The pain can run different pathological processes, such as increases in blood pressure. Pain can interfere with your physical recovery. Control over your pain provides the implementation required for your recovery job, such as walking exercise swallowing and breathing. Therefore, effective analgesia of the patient is an important part of treatment. All efforts of doctor and medical staff is aimed at facilitating your condition after surgery. You may feel pain in the site of the former operation. But don't worry if you feel pain at other sites. You may feel pain in the neck shoulders back chest and they are connected with position on the operating table. Pain in the throat when swallowing after surgery associated with intubation. Pain during movement of walking, the cough can be related to the fact that some time after the operation remained in bed. All these pain will be over in a day or two. It should be noted that mild headache or pain and discomfort in the region of the former operations are absolutely normal and natural phenomenon. If the pain becomes unbearable unusual prevents you to relax immediately inform the doctor or the medical staff. For this you can use the emergency call system fitted in your house the toilet and shower room. Ask the medical staff or your family living with you in the house again to show how you can use this system. After contacting medical personnel you will ask about the level of pain. Can you describe her in any form. Also you will be asked to rate pain on a scale where 0 is no pain 5 tolerable pain and 10 unbearable pain. Accurate pain assessment is necessary to adjust appointments painkillers. Your doctor and nurses will ask you about the effectiveness of therapy. It is very important for assessment of your condition and a speedy recovery. All these actions are aimed at the most comfortable and painless postoperative period. Good nutrition in the postoperative period for the body to recover proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The first meal you will be asked to perform in the presence of medical personnel. In the future, the meal will be by yourself if only you will not have swallowing difficulties. Impaired swallowing may be related only to the nature of neurosurgical pathology. How if such violations will be held

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